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Basic Preferences is used as a building block in the XML configuration of Field, Table and Query configuation.

Prefix determines the text entered to the left of the field, query or table definition. This determines how your constants are defined, such as public constants, internal contants, private constants etc. Include the space as the last character if necessary. There can only be one prefix definition per field, query or table
<!--Prefix - Defines the bit before a field definition, include a space at the end if you need to-->
<Prefix>public const string </Prefix>
Region defines whether a region is wrapped around the definition. There can only be one Region definition per field, query or table.
<!--Region - Defines a region to place all the fields in-->
Capitalise determines whether when defining a field, the result is forced to upper case. Otherwise, the case of the field definition is used. Only one flag per field, table or query can be defined
<!--Capitalise (Boolean)- Will capitalise the fieldname-->
Suffix will add the entered text after the field defintion, such as FieldName, to tie in with Pivotal naming conventions. Only one suffix can be defined per field, table or query.
<!--Suffix - Defines any thing you want to add after a field definition-->
This region lists all the prefixes from field names that will be removed. This is useful if you have a project standard to distinguish your fields and tables from those of the OOB functionality by adding a prefix to your fields. Mulitple Prefix tags can be added within one PrefixRemove region per field query or table.
<!--Add each prefix that you want removing from the fieldname-->

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