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On dragging a table name, the code inserted will populate according to the configuration.

It will wrap the table, queries and fields in a region if one is specified

it will insert the prefix for the table if one is specified. Will use the default of "public const string " if this value is not specified. If you do not want a prefix, insert an empty tag

If the Name element of the Table config is specified, will use this as the table name, and ignore any capitalisation or prefix removal elements.

The generated table name will be a replica of the table name stored in Pivotal.

If there are Prefixs to remove, will remove these from the beginning of the generated tablename.

Finally, will capitalise the generated table name if requested.


For defined name config
public const string table_name = "CRM_Contact_Assistants";}}

For Generated name config, with a prefix remove of "CRM_"
public const string Contact_Assistants = "CRM_Contact_Assistants";

Following this definition, the addin will complete the Dragging Queries & Dragging Fields processes.

A region will be closed if initially added.

An example of the output from this function can be seen here

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